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  • Sinterflo® F Sintered Metal Fibre Porvair

    Manufactured from randomly laid metal fibres sinter bonded to form a uniform high porosity filter medium Sinterflo ® F demonstrates a significantly low pressure drop high permeability and excellent dirt holding capacity Moreover sintered metal fibre may be pleated to increase the available filtration area of a filter element thereby further increasing dirt holding capacity and

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  • Ashless Cellulose Carbon Impregnated Filter Paper HI

    Ashless Cellulose Filter Paper such as the Whatman 41 series is commonly used in quantitative analytical techniques such as gravimetric analysis EG To convert precipitate to a stable weighing form a chemist may wish to ignite the filter paper containing collected precipitate in a pre weighed crucible thereby removing the filter paper with minimal and uniform residual ash

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  • Glass Fiber Filters at Thomas Scientific

    glass fiber filters designed to support high particle retention high flow rate applications GE Healthcares Life Sciences business offers a variety of venting filters In addition to HEPA air filters PolyVENT and SteriVENT options are available

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  • 3 10 Microns Fiber Disc Filter Maagan Filtration

    3 10 Microns Fiber Disc Filter The Fiber Disc Filter presents a breakthrough design in the field of fiber filters It combines excellent performance in the fine filtration spectrum of 3 10 microns minimal maintenance absence of chemicals and a systematic and efficient back washing system

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  • Media Filtration Systems Bluewater Bio

    The patented arrangement of four stratified filtration media (formerly Spruce Media) enables a higher quality of filtered water than sand filtration FilterClear technology competes cost effectively with other multimedia filters continuous filters deep bed filters disc filters and micro screens Throughput ranges from 15 l/s to 500 l/s per

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  • Technology Microfiber Technology

    Microfiber Technology Textile fibers are widely used for fine filtration in the disposable cartridge filter market The Amiad AMF 2 filter uses fiber thread technology to create a self cleaning filter system The basic filtration element in a Microfiber filter is the thread cassette

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  • Disc Filters Nordic Water

    The Nordic Water DynaDisc filter is available as a freestanding unit with filter discs contained in a stainless steel tank and a version for installation in a concrete tank The two versions have the same design regarding drive system backwash system level tank disc cassettes etc The effective filter area can be up to 195 m2 per filter

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  • Hollow Fiber Cartridges and Systems

    This guide describes how to select hollow fiber ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane cartridges manufactured by Amersham Biosciences The guide provides you with background information on membrane applications; details the broad range of membrane pore sizes fiber inner diameters fiber path lengths and cartridge

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  • Disc Filter High Flow Filter Cartridge from China

    China Disc Filter High Flow Filter Cartridge Pleated Filter Cartridge offered by China manufacturer supplier HANGZHOU DEEFINE FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD page1

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  • Glass Fiber Filters Membrane Disc Filters Sterlitech

    GLASS FIBER FILTERS Glass Fiber Filters are composed of pure borosilicate fibers with or without organic resin binder Sterlitech and Advantec brand Glass Fiber Filters are available in a variety of nominal pore size ratings and flow rates to suit a wide range of applications

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  • Lime mud handling Valmet

    The storage tank has a top mounted axial flow agitator with dual impellers This agitation concept is efficient and durable ensuring high availability Vacuum drum filter This drum filter is built for high availability and low power consumption It features No blow design and new Squirt Mk III for simple operation and minimum maintenance The

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  • FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Filters Mar Cor Purification

    FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Filters Absolute Performance in Filtration Technology The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF cartridge filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional absolute rated membrane filters High level endotoxin bacteria and spore removal make these filters ideal for a variety of

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  • InfiltraDiscfilter Voith

    The features of HiCon technology make it especially suitable for high freeness applications Due to operation at high inlet consistencies the filter can fully take advantage of the furnish's good dewatering properties The IDF disc filter can be operated at very high fiber

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  • Corning Filtration Guide

    1 FIltRAtIOn Selecting the Best Filter for Your Application Choosing a filter does not have to be complicated Corning has simplified the process Just follow these four easy steps Step 1 Match your application with the best pore size Step 2 Select the best membrane and housing material for your application Step 3 Select the correct membrane area to optimize flow rate and throughput

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  • Why you should consider hollow fibres for ultrafiltration

    According to conventional wisdom within the biopharmaceutical industry cassettes are the most suitable tangential flow filtration (TFF) technology for ultrafiltration applications such as protein or virus concentration and diafiltration However Parker domnick hunter is challenging this concept with the addition of a new single use TFF filter range in the hollow fibre format to its range

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  • Hydrotech Discfilter for Efficient Filtration Kruger

    The Hydrotech Discfilter provides an ideal filtration system for fine solids removal By employing woven cloth media filters installed on multiple discs and utilizing an inside out flow pattern this versatile disc filter is appropriate for a variety of applications including tertiary filtration wastewater reuse effluent polishing and phosphorus removal membrane pre treatment and

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  • International Filter Products

    International Filter Products Inc (IFP) provides a wide range of products that are offered to the electronic processing pharmaceutical medical chemical food and beverage markets

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  • Disk Filtration CESRF

    Disk filter cost varies based on flow capacity and whether the filter is automatic cleaning or manual Prices may range from <$100 for a manual filter with maximum flow capacity <75 litres per minute to $6 500 for an automatic filter with a maximum flow capacity of 350 litres per minute REFERENCES Bartok JW 2009 Protecting your water

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  • FiberFlo

    Absolute Performance in Filtration Technology Mar Cor Purification FiberFlo ® Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters MAR COR Bacteria Particle and Pyrogen Removal* The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF cartridge filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional absolute rated membrane filters High level endotoxin bacteria and spore removal make these

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  • SuperDisc Disc Filter WesTech Engineering Inc

    The design of the filter requires minimal head to drive the process and is ideal for retrofit applications into other filter basins or flow streams with limited hydraulic head available The SuperDisc Disc Filter system is a fully integral unit that requires minimal site assembly or the need for mounting and alignment of other ancillary

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  • F Computer Telephony and Electronics Glossary and Dictionary

    Fiber optics 1 Transmission technology developed using fiberglass strands and light pulses to transmit information Fiber optic cable is a type of data cable which employs light pulses which are guided along fiberglass strands to relay data Fiber optics are slowly replacing copper coaxial cable in today's high speed networks for the simple

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  • Cloth filters MITA Water Technologies

    The cloth filter of the drum or disc filters is made of polstoff free fibers (fiber length from 10 to 12 mm and a diameter of 13 to 27 µ fastened to a large weave fabric that serves as support) The type of filtration obtained is comparable to the deep filtration of sand filters and not the surface filtration of the monofilament cloth filters

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  • Glass Fiber Filters at Thomas Scientific

    glass fiber filters designed to support high particle retention high flow rate applications GE Healthcares Life Sciences business offers a variety of venting filters In addition to HEPA air filters PolyVENT and SteriVENT options are available

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  • White Water Treatment for Pulp and Paper Mills

    Treatment of white water (filtrate from disk filter) using a VSEP system in a recycled fiber mill includes a material balance for a white water system and illustrates the performance as enhanced by VSEP Filtrate from the disk filter is fed to a feed storage tank and the VSEP unit at an average rate of 83 gpm One VSEP unit using an ultra

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  • EZFlow® 10µm Glass Fiber Membrane Disc Filters Growing Labs

    EZFlow® Glass Fiber membrane disc filters are manufactured from Borosilicate glass without binders These glass fiber disc filters have good solids holding capacity and can be used as pre filters for heavily contaminated solution samples The glass fiber membrane disc filters have high flow rates wet strength and are

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  • Global Fiber Disc Filter Market 2016 Industry Size Growth

    Global Fiber Disc Filter Industry is an in depth report that offers a unique mix of specialist industry knowledge and the region wise research expertise The report delivers the market Outlook Strategy size Growth Share Forecast Analysis and the trends for each sector

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  • Laser Cutting with Fiber Versus CO 2 Which is Better

    A 2kW fiber laser might outperform a 3kW CO2 unit in thin sheet steel for example while in ½ inch or thicker plate CO 2 may only be challenged by plasma or water jet technology Fiber laser technology is scalable however and power levels are reaching performance parity with CO 2 in all but the most demanding applications Steel is still

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  • Filtration and Flow Control Products Sintered Porous

    Filtration and Flow Control Mott specializes in high performance customizable sintered porous metal filters and flow control devices Each product can be made to order and designed to meet the precise specifications of your mission critical systems and processes

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  • Filters Elements and Strainers WM W NUGENT CO (INC)

    Filters Elements and Strainers Manufactured from pure wood fiber these filters elements and strainers combine the high flow characteristics of pleated paper elements with the exceptional dirt holding capacities of depth type cartridges resulting in longer life

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  • Membrane technology

    Membrane technology covers all engineering approaches for the transport of substances between two fractions with the help of permeable membranesIn general mechanical separation processes for separating gaseous or liquid streams use membrane technology

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  • Disc Filter Operation Technology

    2014 12 15· Disc Filters allow you to filter more for less The filter area now offers a longer spine with larger discs to produce 20% more filtration area than before It's light weight with a smaller

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  • Disc The AndRiTz disc Filter is a vacuum assisted thickening machine with rotating discs High equipment availability is achieved due to the ability of the disc Filter to effectively clean the face wire during operation An open filter deck prevents deposits from accumulating extends the life of the filter

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  • Nanofiber

    An electrospun nanofiber network resembles the extracellular matrix (ECM) well This resemblance is a major advantage of electrospinning because it opens up the possibility of mimicking the ECM with regards to fiber diameters high porosity and mechanical properties Electrospinning is being further developed for mass production of one by one

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  • FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters A Breakthrough in

    FiberFlo® Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters Higher flow rates at lower pressure drops Extended lifecleanable sanitizable Removes pyrogens* Autoclavable and steam sterilizable Quick rinse up in ultrapure water In situ integrity testable Hydrophilic membranes and hydrophobic membranes Biocompatible for medical applications A Breakthrough in Filtration Technology Proven Technology

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  • Advantages Of A New And Advanced Nanofiber Coating

    Advantages Of A New And Advanced Nanofiber Coating Technology For Filtration Media Compared to The Electrospinning Process John Wertz Immo Schnieders 2 Abstract Research and development of nanofibers has gained significant prominence in recent years due to the heightened awareness of their ability to enhance the performance of var ious forms of filter media Nanofiber technology

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  • Fiber Disc Filter Maagan Filtration

    Fiber Disc Filter Our Fiber Disc Filter presents a new and innovative implementation of thread filtration technology Our unique design is based on the flow of contaminated water through a series of threads wound around a trapeze shaped base

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  • WPL Disc Filter Product WPL Environmental Wastewater

    The number of discs determines the capacity ie the size of the filter WPL offer disc filters with 4 6 10 16 and 24 discs with a filtration range of 10 μm to 200μm The filtration runs continuously without interruption Filter Capacity The WPL disk filter cloth is available with mesh opening sizes range from 10 μm up to 200 μm

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  • How Flow Cytometry Optical System Components Work

    How Flow Cytometry Optical System Components Work Written by Tim Bushnell PhD The importance of the optical system of your flow cytometer was established in Part I of this series noting in particular the benefits of foundational knowledge to gain a comprehensive view of your data as well as troubleshooting throughout your experiment

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  • Spectrum Hollow Fiber Filters Repligen

    Ideal for ultrafiltration diafiltration and microfiltration single use Spectrum hollow fiber filters for tangential flow filtration are packed in housings engineered to handle high pressures with a choice of fiber chemistries and sizes from process development to manufacturing

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