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  • Technical Report Design and Evaluation of Tailings Dams

    limited in depth a comprehensive guide to the design and evaluation of tailings impoundments would incorporate most of the materials in a number of examinations of tailings dam engineering and environmental performance including those in texts by Vick

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  • Environmental impact of mining

    Tailings have great potential to damage the environment by releasing toxic metals by acid mine drainage or by damaging aquatic wildlife; these both require constant monitoring and treatment of water passing through the dam However the greatest danger of tailings ponds is dam failure Tailings ponds are typically formed by locally derived

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  • Edmonto GS Jan 27 final Geotechnical

    about 3540% of the North American land area Evaporite karst both natural and human induced is prevalent BGC the influence of karst on tailings dams Figure 1 Global occurrence of evaporites 90% of gypsum/ anhydrite 99% of halite) are covered (Kozary et al 1968) BGC the influence of karst on tailings dams Evaporites form the soft end of the spectrum Erode rapidly by molecular

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  • Combined tailings and mine waste Home Knight Piésold

    Combined tailings and mine waste Bryan Ulrich Jeff Coffin Knight Piésold and Co Denver USA ABSTRACT The benefits of combining tailings and mine waste in a relatively homogenous manner in which tailings just fill the voids between the waste rock particles while the waste rock maintains particle

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  • Modeling of Tailings Flow Following a Dam Breach Using

    Figure 30 Scenes of modeling Tapo Canyon tailings dam failure demonstrating tailings at 25m 120m and 180m distance from the dam 124 Figure 31 Diagrams showing run out distance and velocity versus time for Merriespruit tailings dam failure modeling 127 Figure 32 Scenes of modeling Merriespruit tailings dam failure showing tailings at

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  • Mine Tailing Storage Dam Design Thickening Filtering

    The issue of storing wet tailings is critical and very topical Dewatering tailings by thickening prior to deposition or recovering water from the facility is very important for above ground storage facilities An example of a TSF Design Report can be found here (for BHPB's Olympic Dam Expansion Project)

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  • Tailings

    Tailings dams are often the most significant environmental liability for a mining project Environmental considerations and case studies The fraction of tailings to ore can range from 9098% for some copper ores to 2050% of the other (less valuable) minerals

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  • Tailings Dust Emissions [email protected]

    tailings dams start with an initial free draining foundation consisting of the coarse mine tailings They are constructed using hydrocyclones where the underflow material is used to build the dam and the overflow is sent to the beach and the tailings pond of the facility The elevation of this

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  • Tackling mine wastes Science

    2016 04 15· ! Example of the environmental impact of mine wastes After the 5 November 2015 tailings dam failure in Minas Gerais Brazil mine waste f owed through the Doce River into the Atlantic Ocean PHOTO RICARDO MORAES/REUTERS/NEWSCOM On 5 November 2015 the Fundão and Santarém mine tailings dams in Minas Gerais Brazil failed releasing 62 million m3 of sediment and

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  • 0 Preface

    behaviour of the tailings upon deposition Of particular interest to this research was the in situ beaching and drying behaviour of platinum tailings in relation to various proposed mechanisms described in literature and predicted from laboratory behaviour Increasingly finer grinds are required to fully liberate minerals from ore bodies as

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  • InSAR Monitoring of Active Inactive and Abandoned

    The utilization of A DInSAR for monitoring dam stability conditions is a recent trend but it is not yet used on a regular basis with few papers related to dam reservoirs and tailings

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  • APPENDIX F1 Tailings storage facility design report

    4123 Investigation of Alternative new tailings Storage Sites 35 4124 Ground Water Geochemical Investigations 35 4125 Results of Investigations 35 OLYMPIC DAM EXPANSION PROJECT Tailings Storage Facility Design Report P 4 of 105 5 EXPANSION TSF DESIGN 37 51 Operating Environment 37 52 Operating Parameters 37 53 Design Alternatives 37 54 Further Evaluation of Alternatives 39

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  • Tailings dam

    A tailings dam is typically an earth fill embankment dam used to store byproducts of mining operations after separating the ore from the gangue Tailings can be liquid solid or a slurry of fine particles and are usually highly toxic and potentially radioactiveSolid tailings are often used as part of the structure itself Tailings dams rank among the largest engineered structures on earth

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    with nurse plants in amended tailings and assessed in a randomized complete block design with 8 treatments and 3 replicates The results of the greenhouse study indicated that compost was the most effective amendment as it effectively ameliorated tailings physiochemical properties and promoted significantly greater seedling production

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  • Ajka alumina plant accident

    The Ajka alumina sludge spill was an industrial accident at a caustic waste reservoir chain of the Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant in Ajka Veszprém County in western Hungary On 4 October 2010 at 12:25 CEST (10:25 UTC) the northwestern corner of the dam of reservoir number 10 collapsed freeing approximately one million cubic metres (35 million cubic feet) of liquid waste from red mud

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  • R Verdugo CMGI Ltda Chile

    R Verdugo CMGI Ltda Chile J Echevarría Codelco Chile G Peters CMGI Ltda Chile G Caro Codelco Chile The feasibility evaluation of thickened tailings conversion at one brownfield project is presented from a geotechnical point of view The lack of space and the need of water have pushed the owner (Codelco Chile)

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  • Some considerations in the stability analysis of

    Some considerations in the stability analysis of upstream tailings dams Article (PDF Available) · January 1999 with 1 996 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each time someone

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  • PERSPECTIVAS PERSPECTIVES Reasons for investigating the

    Cad Saúde Pública 2019; 35(4):ee00027319 The collapse of the iron ore tailings dam operated by the Vale mining company on the Córrego do Feijão stream in Brumadinho Minas Gerais State Brazil was a large scale work accident the largest in Brazils history 1 The dam failure occurred just over three years after the disaster with the

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  • Why Samarco tailings dam failed

    2016 08 29· Samarco failed after some small earthquakes caused an already stressed tailings dam to liquify according to the Fundão Tailings Dam Review Panel that

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    MINING TAILINGS AND MANAGEMENTS By Aya Rafat Abd El Salam (4th year Geology Faculty of Science Tanta University for his Great efforts and guidance and also his continuous encouragement during the preparation of this work Also Thanks to my family my friends who encourage me during working in this research and for every one help me by advice or information to finish this research 3

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  • Val di Stava dam Disaster

    2018 04 14· The Val di Stava Dam collapse occurred on 19 July 1985 when two tailings dams above the village of Stava near Tesero Northern Italy failed It resulted in one of Italy's worst disasters

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  • China Archives

    2019 11 25· Western powers will attend talks in Brussels next week on curbing China's dominance of rare earths and other critical resources and EU officials will present their vision to create entire green

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  • DEQ Completes Study Of Yankee Doodle Mine Tailings

    The company that operates the active copper mine in Butte Montana Resources is seeking permission to expand its tailings dam so it can keep mining But Atlantic Richfield which shares responsibility for the Berkeley Pit says one day the dam could collapse fill the pit and destroy Butte if more isnt done Nora Saks sat down with the

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  • Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan

    Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan Alternatives Assessment ES 2 Three conceptual closure options were evaluated for this study Option 1 The tailings will be covered with an earth fill cover except for a pond/wetland area at the location of the final supernatant pond This option includes an engineered channel at the

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  • Thirty Years of Tailings Seepage History from Tailings

    Proceedings Tailings and Mine Waste 2011 Vancouver BC November 6 to 9 2011 Thirty Years of Tailings Seepage History from Tailings Mine Waste Bernard Brixel and Jack A Caldwell Robertson GeoConsultants Vancouver Canada Abstract This paper explores thirty and more years of the development of methods and approaches to the

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  • Floods from tailings dam failures ScienceDirect

    2008 06 15· A great effort is still needed however to establish a reliable general methodology for coping with hazard prediction from tailings dam failures which may serve to classify tailings ponds according to their potential downstream damages In tailings dam accidents flow numerical models need to account for high sediment concentration floods

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  • Córrego do Feijão Tailings Failure 1/25/2019 World Mine

    2019 01 25· The EU recommends for upstream tailings dams raising rate restrictions less than 5 m/years (this is equals to 14 mm/day) to avoid insufficient consolidation and pore pressure build up (EU 2009) The key is water balance and tailings dam water cycle Why? Input = Output ± Storage coefficient (4) The water Output has to be always bigger than

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    Use a leakage rate of 35 l/ha/day in your risk analysis for the whole facility pollution control dam included Risk analysis shows no significant impacts Great! Recommend a Class C liner with a GCL replacing the CCL BUT You haventchecked the assumptions made in the 2002 study

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  • Tailing Disposal Methods and Tailings Dam Construction Design

    Tailings Dam Construction Design of slime is likely to slide and cause the dam to break away The procedure usually adopted in such cases is to separate the tailing into coarse sand and fines in a classifier and to use the coarse product to build up the wall ; the remainder of the pulp is discharged into the interior of the dam

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  • Our Initiatives on Tailing Dams and Copper Slag

    The tailings flowing out of the dam reached the point of 800m from the coast The ebbing tide of the Tsunami brought the tailings further the downstream area Around 35 thousand m2 of agricultural land was buried One private house was destroyed No human suffering Cross sectional View of the Dam before and after the Earthquake Disaster

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  • Tailings disposal options study for Sangan Iron Mine

    2011 11 30· This paper is an overview of the tailings disposal options study for Sangan Iron Mine Project situated in north eastern Iran The first development phase of the project consists of two oerbodies a primary crusher crushed ore handling stacking and a 26 mtpa concentrator plant The total tailings of this phase is estimated to be 45 Mm³ and

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  • Tailings Dam Terms and FAQ British Columbia

    Tailings Dam Terms and FAQ What is a tailings storage facility (TSF)? A tailings storage facility (TSF) is a structure (one or more dams) built for the purposes of storing the uneconomical ore (ground up rock sand and silt) and water from the milling process Are tailings storage facilities/dams the same as conventional water dams?

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  • Rio Tinto hiring Principal Advisor Tailings Dams in

    This role is a great opportunity for a highly collaborative and motivated individual to lead or participate in Rio Tinto technical initiatives and provide tailings management and geotechnical advice to business units product groups and corporate functions across the tailings lifecycle from design to closure Reporting to the Chief Advisor

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  • Oil sands tailings ponds

    Oil sands tailings ponds are engineered dam and dyke systems used to capture oil sand tailings Oil sand tailings contain a mixture of salts suspended solids and other dissolvable chemical compounds such as acids benzene hydrocarbons residual bitumen fine silts and water

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  • Bento Rodrigues Mine Disastermov

    2016 02 11· On November 5 2015 a dam holding 70 million cubic meters of waste mine material and water burst in the State of Minas Gerais Brazil The toxic

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  • Seepage Control for Tailings Dams

    dam is constructed on pervious foundations of great thick­ SEEPAGE CONTROL FOR TAILINGS DAMS 675 111 SEEPAGE THROUGH CONVENTIONAL DAMS 1 General Tailings dams store water as well as tailings in their reservoirs The volume of water stored and the location of the free water surface within the tailings pond varies from one mining operation to another At one extreme some tailings dams

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  • Best Practices for Tailings Dam Design Klohn Crippen Berger

    Stabilization of a Tailings Dam by De Watering A B Fourie Department of Civil Engineering University of Witwatersrand South Africa G I McPhail Steffen Robertson and Kirsten Johannesburg South Africa SYNOPSIS The failure of the outer slope of one of the paddocks of a tailings dam resulted i~ a significant decrease in the area available for tailings deposition overloading of the

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    Without euphemisms MINING INDUSTRY DISCUSS IN DEPTH ON TAILINGS RIKS AND CHALLENGES The enormous environmental territorial and social impact of the massive tailings dams generated by mining in Chile was the subject addressed from different perspectives in the Third International Seminar on Mining and Sustainability during Cesco Week

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